A Big Mound of Earth and a Lot of Hands



Those of you who have happened by might have seen that our yard has transitioned from a "big pile of mess" to "various separate piles of mess" thanks to our lovely team of helpers.

We've now sorted out the timber for keeping, the timber and rubble for recycling, the green waste for the planters, and the nice stones for a future rockery.

We're saving everything we can here - if it can have a future life on the site then we'll make sure that happens.

And We're Naked!



The roof's come off! Which means that the site is no longer a hazard (well, not too much anyway). Now we can really see the condition of the full site, and finalise plans for the development.

Next jobs will be underpinning the back wall, tanking, and laying the new internal floor. We're also going to keep clearing the yard, and are going to build some massive planters to make use of all the soil and green waste on site. We never want to dump what can be used again :)

Site Clearance Day!



Well, the site is now (mostly) accessible! Thank you so much to the volunteers who came down to help us fill the skip, clear the brambles, and generally get this project kicked off.

It was kinda like an archeological dig at times, but now we can see what we have, and start to assess the condition of the site and make plans accordingly. No major nasty surprises I'm happy to say, although taming the wildlife took some doing!

Next job will be taking down the old roof. Watch this space!

The Story Begins...



This is where it all starts. A former carpenter's workshop in the beautiful historic town on Banff on the North Aberdeenshire coast in Scotland.

It's been derelict for over thirty years, but in 2024 we will be fully renovating it and turning it into the HQ for The Forge Banff CIC, a new business for Banff, providing crafting, art, and jewellery classes, gallery space, studio space, community events, and retail. Being a CIC (Community Interest Company) means we have a duty to use our business to provide a community benefit, and ensure that we maximise the accessibility and affordability of all of our activities.

I'll be documenting the renovation process, as we go, and sharing information about our plans for the future. Meanwhile you can contact us via the website, or our social media if you want to find out more, or get involved!