As a not-for-profit group, we do fundraising activities from time to time in order to provide more classes, events, and equipment, and to improve our facilities.
We are also always happy to receive donations, and are supremely grateful when people contribute towards our work.

If you do with to make a donation then you can do so via the QR code below, or at

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Our Crowdfunder recently completed with a host supporters across the UK signing up for a variety of rewards ranging from hearty thanks to sponsored rubber ducks to fine art prints.

We still have some original prints left from the amazing Bryan Angus which are available for sale. Both of which are numbered and limited edition.

Pennan Spring  - £100

This print captures that windy chilly day I have experienced to many times in that iconic village. It was inspired by a sketch by Willie Watt, known as thearchitectssketchbook on Instagram. It is a two colour reduction Lino print, 36cm wide and 26cm tall, edition of 75.

Two For Joy - £75

This is a beautiful print of a pair of Magpies. It is a three colour reduction Lino print, 18cm wide and 30cm tall, edition of 25.

To purchase either of these wonderful prints please Contact Us today!