Our First Event



We welcomed the community in for the first time on Saturday for our plant swap event. We did this as a 'soft launch' and were totally delighted by the number of people that came along to see us, chat, and bring plants to swap.

The sun was shining and, despite clashing with the Portsoy Boat Festival, we had over fifty people come through the gate to see us.

We Have a Gate!



And an outdoor shelter! And three massive planters!

Finally we're at the stage where the site is mostly clear, and we've been able to assemble and get the yard well on the path to completion.

It's so wonderful to have got to this stage and, although there is still plenty to be done, we can't thank all of our amazing helpers (AKA Forge Angels) enough for all the assistance we've received!

Crowdfunder is LIVE



The Forge's Crowdfunder is now LIVE and can be found at

If you're able, please consider donating and/or purchasing one of our wonderful rewards, all kindly donated by wonderful local artists. All money raised will go towards getting us open for business kickstarting our summer programme of classes, activities and workshops.

A Bit More Site Prep



As we're likely to be a few months yet before our roof goes on, we're working towards making our building good for use as its own outdoor space, or maybe even 'walled garden'.

Here we've used the old loading doors to build shutters and give the place a cleaner and more secure look and feel :)

Pointing, Planters and Pagodas



It's all getting busy on site in preparation for our launch. It may look like we have a way to go, but all of this is underway:

  • We've built our planters, ready to be put into position and filled with the green waste from the site

  • Our canopy (ok it's not a pagoda, but I wanted the title to alliterate) is here and ready to be assembled

  • The repointing of our main wall is underway

  • Our electric supply has been connected to the site

  • The new gate is being built

  • The brambles and weeds have been cleared. Then cleared again. Then cleared some more. We shall be victorious!

Expect to see big changes in the coming weeks :)